Opera2gether as an ensemble was officially formed in 2018 but it roots back to a 12 years cooperation. Our goal with founding this formation was to renew the way of introducing classical music and experiment with fresh forms of cooperations and interdisciplinar artworks. We believe that artists can’t stay appart from their public but they have to be able to speak their language, react to their feeling and bring the masterpieces of classical and contemporary music and theatre into their everyday life.

The ensemble consists of 2 stable members and various guests from different fields of music, arts and literature.

We rely very seriously on the famous line of the greatest composer of our Motherland, Zoltán Kodály: ‘The music belongs to everyone.’ -Therefore do we develop new ways to the audience of our time. Check out our projects for more detailed information.


Bernadett Hegyi, Hungarian coloratour soprano. Born in Budapest. She studied at the Weiner Leó Conservatory under Éva Lax than became a student of the University of Pécs where her master was Marianna Váradi. As early as this began her cooperation with Márton Wirth and the Pécs Chamber Opera what she became a soloist of.

Therafter she continued his master studies in Netherlands at the Royal Academy of Music of the Hague. There she studied by Rita Dams, Andrew Scroeder and Sasja Hunnego.

During her years in Netherlands she was a member of the Opera Studio of the Dutch National Opera and the Opera2Day Ensemble. She graduated from the master studies in 2016 as an opera singer.

In the recent years, beside Hungary where she worked in the Hungarian National Opera as an extra, she also performed with great success in Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark and Iceland with conductors like Hernán Schvartman, Daan Admiraal, Rob Vermeuelen, Pietro Rizzo, Márton wirth, Michal Alber amd Peter van Heyghen.

She also taken part in mastercourses of the greatest masters of singing such as Elly Ameling, Claron McFadden, ami Shamir and Kenneth Mongomery.

She is well known for her clear and touching performance such as for the way how she always dedicates her art to follow the intention of the composer.

Outside of the traditional classical repertoire, she especially gained popularity by performing works of the end of the 19th and first half of the 20th century. Beside this she also takes great efforts to help make the works of contemporary composers popular and well known.


Márton Wirth was born in Hungary in 1984.He attended piano classes from the age of 6 in the Music School of Pécs, thereafter studied composition and choir conducting in the Conservatory of Pécs until 2003. Meanwhile He also studied both on the University of Music and Theatre in Vienna as an orchestra conductor and composer between 2002 and 2008 and on the Academy of Music in Budapest as a choir conductor from 2004 to 2006.He worked in many different positions through the years from the age of 13 when he became a composer and conductor in a Children’s theatre in his hometown. He wrote music for the plays for 8 seasons not just for that but also 3 other Children’s theatre around Hungary.

In the same time he also founded and lead the Chamber Opera Pécs as a chief conductor and music director. Beside he was also a conductor of 2 chamber orchestras in Győr and Budapest.

He also conducted some of the best choirs and orchestras in Hungary, Austria, Slovakia and Poland as a guest conductor. He also recorded music for different European documentaries and TV films.

He became a teacher of orchestral material, chamber singing and corepetition on the University of Pécs for 2 years where he met Bernadett Hegyi and involved her in some of his productions.Despite that his eternal passion was always the opera but he has been engaged with choir music when he was just 14. At that time dod he have his first concert as a composer and choir conductor. Since then he has been choir master of 8 different choirs in 3 countries.Beside his career as a composer and conductor, he is also working as an organist, private teacher, choir master and often plays as a jazz pianist and session musician at different events with different singers and bands.

His works as a composer have been performed in 12 countries worldwide.